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Who Is Qualified To Offer Mold Investigation and Remediation Services ?

Mold Aid Providing Services In VA, MD and DC


One of the most asked questions when tackling an indoor air quality or mold problem is who is qualified to provide mold inspection services, write a scope of work, consult and provide remediation services.

Indoor Air Quality inspections, testing, scope of work writing and remediation is a complicated process and many in the industry are only qualified to provide parts of these services. It is recommended to do your research and select a company that provides the services you will require for your project. 

Legally speaking many States do not require licensing for these services therefore you will likely run into companies that offer all parts of the assessment and repair of indoor air quality concerns who are in many cases only qualified to offer one or the other and sometimes none. When selecting an indoor air quality company it is important to do your research and select wisely. Many indoor air quality problems including mold can cause serious health problems. Improper mold inspection or remediation and use of chemicals can cause more harm than good.

Continuing on the legal thought, if you are in the small percentage of cases that end up in a court room on a dispute, what is typically asked is, "what is the industry standard?" The most commonly referenced standards include the IICRC S520, the EPA Mold Remediation in Commercial Building and Schools and The New York City Standards for Mold Remediation. Because the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) is an (ANSI) approved document which stands for: Approved American National Standard the IICRC S520 is the most recognized and supported national standard. 

To provide proper well rounded services as an indoor air quality consulting company and remediation firm the following training and knowledge is required to meet the standards: Water Damage Restoration Training, Home, Building Inspection and Building Science Training, Indoor Environmental Training and Mold Remediation Training.

Each of these training categories are already stand alone professional services and each requires strong knowledge and expertise. Finding one company that is fully qualified in each of these categories is uncommon but they do exist. Companies that have all of these trainings are the acceptable companies to hire if you are seeking a qualified entity that can provide mold inspection and consulting services, produce a certified scope of work, and remediate a home or building properly. Utilizing one company can be a cost saver, a time saver and will minimize complications regarding who is responsible if there is a hiccup on the project. Here are the minimum certifications and or training that should be provided by a company that is able to meet the ANSI standards for mold investigation and remediation.

WRT- Water Restoration Technician - (IICRC Certification)

AMRT- Applied Microbial Remediation Technician- (IICRC Certification)

CIE- Certified Indoor Environmentalalist Or Comparable (The American Council for Accredited Certification) (ACAC)Home, Building Inspection and Building Science Certification (National Inspection Certification) 

WRT- This training covers the complicated principles of water damage restoration, building material science and the ability to save, remove or dry items and building materials. It also covers the psychrometry and the science of drying, the complexities of types of water events and potential for contaminations, safety and health and a full understanding of the (S500 IICRC) standards which is the base training required to understand the mold remediation standards in the (S520 IICRC).

ARMT- This training covers: The Fungal Biology of Indoor Environments, Health Effects From Indoor Exposure to Mold In Water/ Moisture Impacted Buildings, Principles of Mold Remediation, Building and Material Science, Safety and Health, Administrative Procedures, Documentation and Insurance Risk Management, Inspection and Preliminary Determination, Structural Remediation, HVAC Remediation, Contents Remediation, Qualifications of Indoor Environmental Professionals and a full understanding of the (S520 IICRC) standards. This is considered to be the national standard for mold remediation.

CIE- Or Comparable : The Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) is the most respected certification in the field of indoor environmental investigation. A CIE is certified as knowledgeable and experienced in one or more disciplines related to indoor air quality that include HVAC, building science, microbial issues, lead/asbestos or industrial hygiene/toxicology. The CIE certification is accredited by the Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB), a nationally recognized independent accreditation body. ACAC certifications are the ONLY designations in indoor air quality to earn CESB accreditation.

Home, Building Inspection and Building Science: This training covers: Building construction methods, building envelope, structure, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electric, heating and air conditioning, function of building systems, insulations, foundations, drainage, systems and structural failures and environmental concerns and causes. 

As you can see to meet the standards for all steps required to properly investigate and remediate a home or building with an indoor air quality "Mold" problem there is a lot of training involved. Experience is another important factor because the standards mention that the documentation has limitations and anyone using the S500 or S520 documents as a standard of care should understand the limitations with the use of the documents and rely on his or her own independent judgment, or as appropriate and or seek the advice of a competent professional in determining the exercise of reasonable care in any given situation.

Mold Aid provides all services required to investigate and remediate homes and buildings and we are called upon to provided one or many steps in the process by industry and home and building owners. Each step is a specialty and a trained professional should be hired to handle the areas of their expertise. We work with other companies in combinations of services when called upon to do so. Our staff of indoor air quality professionals are well trained and we are proud of the rounded services we are able to offer to home in building owners that are looking to improve their indoor air quality. Our goal is to remain actively updated and informed about developments in the field of mold remediation, implement changes in technology and procedures as appropriate, as well as follow applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. We fully understand that every mold remediation project is unique and in certain circumstances when a deviation of the standards is required our training will allow common sense, experience and professional judgment to serve our clients well. We back this training and experience with the best warranty in the industry. Contact a certified indoor air quality professional by calling our Mold Aid office: Call: 877-932-7177

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