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Mold Testing Virginia, Mold Inspection Virginia, Mold Removal Virginia Law

There is a new mold law in Virginia which is in the works. We will keep you updated on the legistration. In the mean time here is a helpful link to tenants

The Virginia Landlord and Tenant Act.

Mold Aid Virginia Inspections are often performed for tenants with questions regarding disclosure of indoor air quality or mold problems. Virginia has mold legistration in the works however the following link below may be useful in answering some questions pertaining to landlord, tenant disclosures.

For an indoor air quality inspection or mold assesment please contact Mold Aid 703-754-3766

Serving VA, MD and DC

The Virginia Landlord and Tenant Act. This law can be read on the following site:

The Virginia law regulating landlord tenant relations speaks to mold. But it does not identify an agency responsible for regulating problems with mold. If a party feels like there is a violation of the Landlord Tenant Act and they are unable to resolve it though cooperative discussions, they must bring civil action. Sections 55-225 and 55-248 of Virginia law can be seen on the Internet or can be read in the reference section of local public libraries.

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