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Mold Aid Mold Testing, Mold Removal, Mold Abatement, Mold Remediation

Mold Aid Is the leading indoor air quality company in VA, MD and DC. We provide certified mold testing and mold remediation services.

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Mold Aid Was Wonderful To Work With Cheryl From VA

We had the unexpected opportunity to use Mold Aid two times. The first time was for a simple job of a small amount of mold by the master shower. I had noticed discoloration in the floor and caulking. I looked at many companies that were listed in the internet that said they would treat mold. Mold Aid seemed the most informed, trained and they promised to come back within a year and test levels in my house. While my renters were on vacation for spring break, I had the mold treated. After the mold remediation, I had new tile and cabinets put in by an independent contractors. I was very happy with Mold Aids efficiency and thoroughness. Months went by and our military renters moved that summer and new renters were moving in. After a hot moving day with doors open, the house pa7177ssed my move out inspection and my renters moved out. My new renters moved in the next day. The wife got sick within a few hours of being in the house. She was taken to the hospital where the ER physician said she was having an asthma attack. She doesn't have asthma. When my renter went back to the house, he noticed a big black spot on the garage ceiling. He moved out and called my husband who then called me. My husband was in Iraq at the time. After a long talk with my husband that Sunday morning, I called my contractor and John Taylor. They both agreed to meet me in a few hours at the house. When I walked into the garage there was a large black spot on the ceiling that was not there two days earlier. My contractor and I went into the house and to the master bathroom. When my contractor sat on the toilet, it moved. He was in shock. His subcontractor had set the toilet months before. If the toilet wasn't sealed it would leak water. That is exactly above the spot in the garage. John Taylor arrived at my house with family in tow. He changed his family plans on July 4th weekend to help solve this problem. He told us the area of mold is concerning. The next day he had someone test the house and mold level. It was extremely high "toxic" level. That is why my renters wife got sick so fast. He put me on the schedule as soon as possible to treat my house. They did a great job moving quickly so I would have time to get everything rebuilt and painted so I could the house ready to rent again. I love the guarantee that they will come back before the year is out to retest the levels. The levels were normal. That gave me so much peace of mind. Rusty was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about his work.

I hope this helps you with your decision to treat your mold problem. They were wonderful to work with.

Thank You

Cheryl From Woodbridge

Mold Aid Helped My Family Diagnose and Remediate A Serious Mold Problem - Mike From Ahsburn

On January 2, 2011 after taking a shower I noticed a rash on my feet and ankles. I also had sinusitis symptoms for the weeks preceding the noticeable rash. I went to the Dr. on January 3rd to address the sinus symptoms (also had a slight fever and sore throat). The Dr. didn’t want to put me on steroids to address the rash as he felt it would be detrimental to my body’s ability to fight the cold and fever. I began researching possible causes for the rash and recalled seeing what looked like mold on the dartboard in the finished basement. The more I looked into the symptoms of mold exposure, the more it looked like the possible cause. Between the two of us we had many of the classic symptoms, persistent sinusitis, rash, fatigue, burning eyes, headaches, shortness of breath, IBS, occasional sore throat, tremors, ear aches, difficulty concentrating and sputum. Based on my symptoms (more specific to the spreading rash) and the visible mold, we vacated the home on January 5th.

I immediately contacted Mold Aid in Gainesville, VA to schedule an air quality test and they were on site the very next evening. John Taylor and Glen did a complete inspection of the home, collecting air samples on each floor and samples of visible mold. John found visible mold on chair fabric as well as books in the bookcase. John and Glen also tested moisture levels in the home and found elevated levels at the front basement wall. Further inspection revealed a water stain on the carpet, rusty carpet tack strips and visible mold around the electrical outlet. John didn’t open up the front wall for a visible inspection as his nine years of mold remediation experience told him that would be where the highest concentration of mold would be. Mold Aid was able to view inside the ductwork and provide pictures of visible mold growth. As part of the home inspection, John discovered a pin hole leak in a washer hose, a water supply line leak above the hot water heater, a kitchen window leak and a condensation issue in the HVAC room.

Mold Aid provided the air quality test results Monday, January 10 and we were all very surprised. The mold spore count levels on all three floors of the home far exceeded acceptable levels. We had a very serious mold problem. John provided a comprehensive mold remediation plan, fully explaining the process with pictures of the known issues to include the mold killer (Benefect) they would be using. We were very happy to hear Benefect was not harmful to humans or pets and asked how soon they could start. At this point we were living in a cheap (in every way) extended stay and wanted our lives and home back.

Mold Aid was able to get us on the schedule for January 18 and 19. The entire house was fogged and negative air pressure was established with high volume, commercial air scrubbers venting to the outside. Mold Aid removed the drywall and insulation on the entire front basement wall and determined the sump pump was not able to keep up with moisture around the foundation allowing water to condensate around most of the basement perimeter. As part of the mold remediation plan and after fogging, all of our carpet and padding was removed from the home (the spore count was too high to remove from the carpet and pad), all items containing porous materials (clothing, shoes, fabric covered chairs, etc.) were bagged and placed in the garage. The items placed in the garage had dead mold spores on them and based on the mold sensitivity we had developed required HEPA vacuuming prior to bringing them back into the home.

We were able to move back into our home on January 20, only 15 days after we vacated. We were so happy to be home and quasi back to normal. Now the building back has started, with no more carpet (all hardwood), all of the area rugs and curtains cleaned, clothes cleaned and the items placed in the garage have been HEPA vacuumed and are now back in the house.

In regards to our overall health, within a few days of vacating the house, many of our symptoms were diminished, no rash, no fatigue, no shortness of breath, less sinus issues, less headaches and we seem to be doing better every day. We realize the health issues from living in a home with a moisture problem that turns into a major mold problem takes time to subside and hopefully eventually go away, but we see regular improvements as time progresses.

I can’t say enough about the quick and professional response we had after contacting Mold Aid. The Mold Aid team was very understanding and explained the nature of the issue and the process taken to resolve the problem each step of the way. John Taylor was very responsive when we had questions, even late into the evening.

In summary, this entire process from getting a rash which caused us to really look into the cause, identifying the mold issue, vacating our home for two weeks and then all the effort and expense to get things (life) back to normal really was an awakening of sorts. We could have gone years without knowing our home was making us sick. I feel very strongly that all homeowners or renters should have an air quality test done. Especially if they are suffering from any of the symptoms we outlined above. I would guess many homeowners are unaware that they have poor indoor air quality. The EPA states that 80% of homes have worse indoor air quality than what is found out doors. Many people go years not knowing their home could be making them sick. There are many companies that offer mold inspection services. We chose Mold Aid because of their certifications and experience. They are a true indoor air quality company and we were very happy with their knowledge and services.

Greatly Appreciative

Mike from Ashburn

Roxy From Bristow

Mold Aid provided testing services after a pipe broke and flooded my home. We called them because the insurance company was stalling and was ignoring the mold issue. Mold Aid used thermal cameras, moisture meters and took swab and air samples and provided a thorough inspection. Mr. Cardwell, one of Mold Aid's Certified Indoor Environmentalists was great. He called us when the lab results returned and discussed the results. They found the home had Stachbotrys which is categorized as a potentially toxigenic mold. I had been having respiratory issues so this find made a lot of sense. I reported this to my insurance company and they tried to run from the liability. The owner John Taylor took interest in my case because we were having health issues and he called the insurance company on my behalf and described to them how their improper drying procedures allowed for the mold to grow in my home which was obviously causing health related issues. The insurance company must of known Mr. Taylor was highly certified and was an advocate of me the homeowner and the insurance company Nation Wide finally agreed to take responsibility for the claim. Mold Aid scheduled an appointment and their crew removed all of the contaminated materials, ran air scrubbers, wiped down and cleaned the entire home and cleaned and sterilized the ductwork. The crew was very professional and I was updated the entire time on the progress. When we returned to the home we found the home to be incredibly clean and the job was neatly performed. I noticed after a few days that my symptoms were better and I called Mr. Taylor to thank him. We talked for a while and he asked about my respiratory problems. I told them they were better. The next day I had a knock at my door and one of Mold Aid employees had brought me a Health Pro Plus unit to my home. They said it was a gift from Mr. Taylor the owner. He was worried about my health issue enough to give me a $1000.00 Air Purifier which cleans the air in my entire home. I called him to thank him and he said no worries. He thought that because my insurance company was stalling it may have caused me some health issue from the exposure and he wanted to help as much as he could. I highly recommend MOLD AID. They are an amazing group. All of their testing people are certified environmentalist and they are the most certified company in the industry that I could find. They are thoughtful, kind and professional and I am so grateful they took my case. Here is their website www.moldaid / Members may email me anytime to discuss this great company

Mold Testing In VA, MD and DC

Mold Aid Will Locate Mold Problems Under Floors and Behind Walls With The Best Detection Equipment Available

Mold Inspection VA, MD and DC

Mold Aid Will Find Mold And Solve The Problem. Here is mold behind wall paper

Mold Removal VA, MD and DC

Mold Aid Will Find Mold Under Flooring and will remediate the problems

Mold Sickness or Illness Can Cause Concerns

Mold Aid will give you peace of mind by finding and removing mold properly VA, MD and DC

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