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Visible moisture, mold, humidity or even musty odors can be indications of an indoor air quality condition.  Our Certified Indoor Environmentalist are well trained and have the equipment to locate contamination if it exist in your home or building. In addition to finding the contamination it is important to locate the source of the problem. Our inspectors are qualified to provide moisture mapping services and will locate sources which support mold growth in your home or building. 
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Our inspections include the following:
· Full Inspection of the home or building
· Air Sampling to identify the levels of mold and the types of molds in your home or building
· Tape Lift and / or Swab Samples to identify visible mold
· Moisture Readings to locate sources of molds
· Thermal imaging to detect moisture and humidity behind walls and under floors
· Particle Counting to locate hot spots in your home or building where mold is likely reproducing
· Borescope to inspect inside venting and locate problems within the HVAC
· Relative Humidity Check to locate areas of the home which hold humidity creating conditions for mold to reproduce
· Full Moisture Mapping: Using our specialized equipment to locate cracks in foundations, seepage behind walls, pipe leaks and other areas where mold is likely to be reproducing in hidden areas of your home or building.
Mold Aid ensures our indoor air quality professionals have the best equipment available to diagnose your mold or moisture problems
Protimeter Moisture and Mold Inspection
Mold Aid Particle Counting Abilities Exceed Industry Standards Thermal Camera Moisture and Mold Testing Boroscope Moisture and Mold
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